About Rob

Welcome, readers, to the online journal of Rob Britton of McLean, Virginia (a suburb of Washington, D.C.).  I am 66, married (for almost 40 years) to Linda, with children Robin (b. 1982) and Jack (1984).  I became a grandfather in 2008, when Robin brought Dylan Caroline into this world, then again in 2010 with the birth of Carson Olivia.  They are now in 4th and 2nd grades.

I am a longtime traveler, and since 1999 have published a quarterly journal; some years later, accounts of my travels went onto a personal website, and this blog began in 2009.

I’ve spent 49 years in and near the airline and travel industries, in a variety of roles.  In 2006, I retired from American Airlines, and am now a consultant to companies in travel and aviation, big ones like GE Aviation and Bombardier Aerospace, and exciting new ones.  I am an adjunct professor of marketing at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and an annual guest lecturer at about 25 business schools around the world, including Wharton, Kellogg, London Business School, the University of Cambridge, and others.  For more information about my teaching and consulting, visit www.airlearn.net.  In 2012, I created another brand to support my teaching and consulting on leadership and effective management, at www.realworldleadership.org.

These posts will mainly be accounts from my travels, but I may lob in some words when I am back home in Virginia.

Please feel free to be in touch — I’d welcome your feedback, questions, comments.  Happy reading!

14 responses to “About Rob

  1. Sven Kämmerer

    Hey Rob,

    I am awfully sorry that I did not make it to your lecture today, but when I left the house I saw that my bike had a flat tire. 😦 Must have ridden it through some shards or something…

    Anyways, I really enjoyed the dinner last night and I would love to stay in touch as you are a very interesting and easy-to-talk-to guy. Are you on facebook.com by any chance?

    Have a safe flight home!


    • robbrittonthetraveler

      Sven, thanks for your note. I do have a Facebook page, but with limited time I don’t put much on it. The WordPress blog gets most of my attention. Good luck!

  2. rajkumar

    congrats rob.

  3. ToddT.

    I found your article, “On Wisconsin”. I enjoyed your impression of Fred Bisbee Jr. You couldn’t have been more spot on. Sadly, we lost Fred Jr. this morning. Fred lived life to the fullest, and will be dearly missed. Thank you, for sharing your thoughts on Fred.

  4. Eddie Sandoval

    Rob, Daniel Ramon called and I went to visit with him…he had been ill for well over a year. He ask about you and I told him I had been reading your “blog”. What do you think about me asking Kim King if he would put both Daniel and Heather Coder on the juding team at the Goat Cook Off. I think that if I will ask and have you follow up it would help. Thanks eddie

    • Daniel Ramon

      Hey Rob it’s been a long time. I got to meet up with Eddie a couple of weeks ago after my 2 year absence from the DFW area. Let’s chat and catch up. I’m hoping to make it to the goat cook off this year. – Daniel Ramon

  5. Steve Codeer


    Dont know how i stumbled into this, but apparetnly Eddie and Daniel have already done so. Email me back some time and lets catch up!

    Steve Coder

  6. I miss my amaising ,acomplished and entertaining older brother….God still makes erasers, may I use one?Love, Carroll.

  7. Jorge Ramirez

    Mr. Britton, I came across your blog when searching for images from my home town, Santiago Chile. I am currently living in Henderson, NV; my whole family lives in Chile. I married an American girl 8 years ago and she loves Chile, so we go every year. I read in your blog that you are an avid traveler and also have worked for one world alliance. I wanted to ask, if you’d be so kind to share, what is in your experience the best time to travel to Chile as far as airfare goes, and routes ? I was surprised to read you arrived in Santiago at 8pm. We always have arrived in flights early morning, and I was not aware of flights coming from the US to Chile arriving at night. I mostly fly Las Vegas-Dallas-Santiago, through American Airlines. Once I did the Las Vegas- Los Angeles-Santiago route through LAN, which was more comfortable but they do schedule a stop in Lima Peru, therefore wasting the 2 or 3 hours advantage we had in relation to the Dallas route.
    I go to Chile usually in March, because I have tried other months but tickets get extraordinarily expensive.
    If you had the time to share some insights, I would be forever grateful. My parents in Chile are getting old, and for me, to travel there is not only something that makes my soul happy but a chance to see them and make sure they’re fine.
    Congratulations on your blog, beautiful pictures and amazing experiences. Blessings to you and a wonderful holiday season,

    Jorge Ramirez,

  8. Excellent, what a web site it is! This blog gives useful facts to us, keep it up.|

  9. Lea Otto

    Hello Mr. Britton!
    A few weeks ago, I was one of the lucky students to listen to your guest lecture at the University of Kassel.
    I am still fascinated by your way of effortlessly explaining concepts of marketing, which often seem too theoretical to students. Despite your impressive job experience, the audience was not intimidated – many agreed about your great charisma.
    While we also got plenty of technical information, your last words really got to my heart: you told us to choose a job we truly love, whatever that might be. This made me feel happy and confident since often, even students feel the pressure of competition and elitism.
    Thank you dearly for taking your time; your lecture will be on my mind for long!
    P.S.: I hope my English is bearable.

    Best wishes from Kassel, Germany!

    • robbrittonthetraveler

      Dear Lea,
      I am sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much for your kind words (your English is outstanding). Promise me you will choose your jobs well, and resist that pressure. You will have a happier life if you do.

  10. Stanley Paul Shackley

    I am trying to contact Kyrl Acton. Can you help? My current email address is paulshackley2017@gmail.com

  11. Saachi Khanna

    Hello Rob,
    My name is Saachi Khanna, I attended your speech last night at Penn State. I really enjoyed what you had to say and was wondering if you would be able to send me the powerpoint you used?
    Please let me know.


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