Some More Really Short Trips

Spring flowers in the garden at the Capital Area Food Bank; I arrive early for my afternoon shift, and enjoy a little picnic lunch on a bench next to this splendor.


Since my first shift in late March, I’ve logged about 60 hours at the Capital Area Food Bank, working on assembly lines, with both moving conveyor and rollers, as well as breaking down, sorting, and re-boxing salvaged food.  It’s been a great experience, and the most mobility for months.  Here are a few more scenes from inside the warehouse:

Above left, salvaged food arrives in banana boxes; right, sometimes we need to do a little surgery to fix broken packages. Below left, once or twice we’ve had to sort and repackage perishables; right, once sorted, foods are reboxed by category — canned beans, baking goods, snacks, etc. At bottom, when the package is compromised, the contents go into huge bins destined for a nearby hog farm (I’m hoping for a farm tour some time soon!).


Above, building food boxes for local senior citizens. Below, proof of skills development: your correspondent has become quite adept with a pallet jack for moving big loads!


Almost forgot: a couple of weeks ago, I rode most of the way to the food bank, into downtown Washington, to see the aftermath of the protests.  Here’s a little of what I saw:

Above left, boarding up the glass on a building on Pennsylvania Avenue; at right, even more of a fortress in front of the White House — signs of a small and fearful inhabitant. Below left, the Episcopal church that was the nexus of trouble when the fearful inhabitant staged a photo op; right, painting “Black Lives Matter” on 16th Street, this section renamed Black Lives Matter Plaza.


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