Global Friends


Global friends from the last two trips of 2016: Matteo, Alexa, Eva Rose, and Max

Most days when I am home, I walk Dylan and Carson to school.  It’s a short walk, but we have some interesting discussions along the way.  Yesterday, Carson and I had this exchange:

Carson: Potsy, why are all your friends in other parts of the world?

Me: You’re right, Carson, Potsy doesn’t have too many friends around here, but I have lots of friends all over the world, and I am lucky to have them.

Carson: How did you find them?

Me: Well, I’ve been traveling all over the world for many, many years, and along the way I made friends in lots of countries.

Carson: Like where?

Me: Well, remember before Christmas I went to Germany?  And when I was in Germany I saw old friends, like Patrick, Julian, and Martin, and made some new ones, Sven, Agnes, and Wiebke.  That’s a girl.

Carson: Do you know any Wolfgangs?

Me: No, I don’t think I do.  Wolfgang is a nice name, but not very common anymore.  Do you know any Wolfgangs?

Carson: Yes, Mozart.

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