Day Trip to Austin and the University of Texas

MBA students and Professor Wayne Hoyer (foreground, right) at Scholz's Garden

Was home for three weeks, catching up on work, helping to move AURA forward, hosting Robin and her family for Easter week. On Wednesday the 20th, I flew down to the state capital (34 minutes) for a day of teaching at the University of Texas at Austin. Hopped the $1 bus into town and at 10:45 met one of my hosts, Ying Zhang, and delivered a lecture to undergraduate business students. At one we met my other host, Wayne Hoyer, for a plate of Tex-Mex, then back to Ying’s class from 2 to 3:15 and Wayne’s MBA class from 3:30 to 4:45. Whew! Tradition then has us quickly at Scholz’s Beer Garden (which claims to be the oldest surviving business in the state) with students. It was a small but lively group. At six, Ying zoomed me back to the airport. A long day, but after missing the trip in 2010, it was great to have UT back on the teaching circuit.

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