Into Winter Again, Briefly

Chicagoans -- in this case a Northwestern student in school colors -- were sunbathing by Lake Michigan, which hinted that I would not get stuck here as I was in New York!

On Thursday the 25th, I flew gain into to winter, to Chicago, hoping to avoid a repeat of the New York stranding. Landed (in clear weather, a good sign) at 11:30 and 15 minutes later Cousin Jim pulled up to the curb. We motored east to Evanston, yakking like magpies. Had a filling lunch at Blind Faith, a vegan café, and he dropped me at my hotel. I did a bit of work, then ambled east to the Northwestern University campus. Had a good walk around, the first in many years, and especially enjoyed the amble along Lake Michigan – but was mystified by a wealthy private university that did not take advantage of its lakefront site. Granted, some of the land was a pleasant park (below), but there were parking lots along the water. Say what?
Student commons, the Kellogg School of Management

Along Lake Michigan

Northwestern University campus

At 3:30 I met my longtime (12 visits? 13?) Kellogg School host Anne Coughlan, and we chatted across a range of topics for 90 minutes. At five we met co-presenter Karen Klein, General Counsel of Kayak, the travel search engine. From 6:30 to 8, Karen and I spoke, a good talk (though not one of my better – must be out of practice!). Peeled off at 8, back to the hotel for a couple of hours of Olympics on TV.

Student common room, the Kellogg School. The low hum of brainpower was audible!

Up early Friday morning, and onto the PACE bus across the northern suburbs to Des Plaines. Met my friend Rick Dow. I met Rick in 1986 after Northwest gobbled up our plucky little Republic Airlines. He was one of the few NWA people who had any marketing sense. And he still does, in abundance – for the last several years he has headed the marketing team at Midas, the brakes and mufflers shops. But he’s way more than an astute business mind, he’s a really fine person, fellow gramps, humane. We had a delightful breakfast and he drove me to O’Hare. Long friendships are such a joy and blessing.

I was back in Texas at 1:30. Motored to a client meeting, got stuck in rush hour, and was home walking MacKenzie by 7:00.

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  1. Micheline

    HI, Rob I enjoyed reading this. i rember really our meeting in Cambridge and really appreciate your advice. I am now living and working in Brazil and will be sure to keep in touch…

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