The First Post!

Welcome to my online journal.  I’m glad you’re here, and hope you will come back often.  This is my first posting, on a fairly typical day: some work, then some travel, tonight from Dallas/Fort Worth to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Come back for updates!

By the way, the header photo is fresh, taken on July 24 at Smuggler’s Cove, Oregon, 110 miles west of Portland.


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4 responses to “The First Post!

  1. Tim

    I hope that in addition to stories and comments, we’ll see the photos that couldn’t be included in your quarterly newsletter and which are usually excellent!

    • robbrittonthetraveler

      Absolutely. That’s another benefit — it was silly that I did not link words and pictures. Stay tuned for some of both from Buenos Aires!

  2. Martin Siniawski

    Looking forward to having you here in Buenos Aires and your next posts!

  3. Rob,

    I think this is a good fit for your style and WordPress is a good choice of blogging app.

    To keep me happy, include lots of photos and don’t forget the captions.



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